Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's easier to build than to rebuild....

"It's easier to build than to rebuild." That's the phrase our town planners used in hopes of swaying votes for building a brand new middle school in town. In some respects I do agree. Especially after attempting to refit the upstairs balcony on the Hoarder House. I pushed. I shoved. I squeezed. I wanted to blow the house down! (Sorry to steal your words, Big Bad Wolf)

I could not get that thing back into place. I figured the problem had to do with the tab-and-slot construction. Once the building was constructed, it was impossible to fit the tabs into the slots - there was no "give" to allow the needed movement into the slots.

So.....I sliced off the tabs and used extra glue to secure the base of the balcony. I think it looks pretty good actually. Some of the arches don't quite fit and there are several missing gingerbread supports. Not sure how I'll deal with that.'s the Hoarder House - it's not supposed to be perfect!

I located the box and examined the picture. What? There's supposed to be a cupola on top of the round porch area? Don't think I have any pieces for that. But it does explain why there are some slots up there! I'll work on that next weekend.

Another issue...should I electrify the house? I originally started to - using a Cir-Kit kit. I vaguely remember struggling with those tiny brads and getting "slightly" miffed.....might need to reconsider that.

I also purchased some goodies: some tiny scissors (for the scherenschnitte) and a ladder from Janice at Feather My Nest (on eBay she's candylamb) Mom and I used to buy from Janice all the time. She's from Brimfield, MA and is often at Molly Cromwell's Sturbridge shows.

Since I decided to use the Hoarder House as a showcase  for the hobbies that both Mom and I enjoyed, I purchased some stamp and coin kits from Ann Vanture at PaperMinis. I also got kits to make a doll scrapbook and a set of house painting items. Looking forward to using this coming Good Friday to make those items. If I can make those tiny items look as good as they do on her website, it will be a Good Friday!!

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