Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flooring Day!!

This week's task was to begin the process of laying flooring. I had a few things laying around in my stash that I used.

These are linoleum - like tiles that are very flexible and easy to cut with a craft knife.

I adhered them to the floor using spray adhesive.I thought the splattered design would be perfect for a kitchen floor. Could be 1950s or 1960s era so great for a house of no specific date.

 I'm really happy with the way the living room floor came out. The genuine red oak strips come backed on sheet of paper. You simply use an adhesive (again I used spray adhesive) to adhere the flooring.

I chose to darken the floor a bit by staining it with MinWax cherry stain/sealer.

I am debating whether to use this room as a living room or dining room. Normally, one would enter the living room or parlor from the front door. But, then the room to the left would have to become the dining room. Food would have to be brought through the living room from the kitchen.

I'll have to think on this...

I really love the product I used for this room. (dining room????) It's called COVERALLS and is made by Savvi Products, Inc. ( They have a great catchphrase: "Clever products for clever people."  Oh yeah.....that's me...clever.

It's kind of like a cross between a decal and really delicate contact paper. I bought it years ago. The product is not created specifically for dollhouse, but when I saw this design, it yelled out to me, "Hello!!! I am a parquet floor!!!"

After cutting to size, you remove the protective backing which exposes the adhesive. Lay the sheet down then wet the entire surface with a sponge. Wait a respectable amount of time for the paper covering to dry a bit so you can separate the covering from the decal.

Of course, not surprisingly, I didn't wait a "respectable" amount of time. So I accidentally scratched some of the decal while rubbing off the wet protective layer, leaving some white spots. I patched those spots. Good. Now it's a little messy looking....happy hoarder house.

The bedroom was almost too easy. Leftover dollhouse carpeting. Cut to size. Spray adhesive. Done.

So.....five floors done! Next week I will begin working on the wallpaper.

But......I do have something to decide. The third floor divider walls are obviously crooked and the rooms on the left and right are pretty small. I am considering removing the walls to create one large attic space.

If I do that, this becomes a 1-bedroom home. Not very good for resale  ;-)

I also wanted to have a craft room in the house. Will have to give this some thought.

Until next week......

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