The 40s Roombox pg. 4 The interior

Apparently they don't clean toilets too well.

Gladys is admiring her makeup.

           Gladys uses the back of the Murphy bed
                              as a makeshift bulletin board.

The dresser top.

The bedroom.

Bed tray made by my mother.

This is actually a coaster bought in Nova Scotia.                                                                                                    They are famous there for this type of needlework.

View of the bathroom from bedroom door.

Granny afghan on comfy chair. Bought at the now-closed Mirabella's Miniatures in Fairfield, CT

Jewelry box purchased at Jane Haskell's estate sale.

Outside view with hotel signage.


  1. Great roombox Deb! I really like it. I have bookmarked your blog so will pop in and see what you are up to off and on. Try and put your blog in your signature so more people will visit. Judy from Penticton and Camp

    1. Thanks Judy! A sig is a good idea. I just hope I keep up posting;-)