Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yep- Mom definitely has her hand in this project!.

It's 10:16 p.m. and I realized I hadn't posted this week's progress. will be mostly pics, not so much chit-chat.

I needed to get some blue wallpaper for the second floor bedroom (along with the needed wallpaper mucilage mentioned last week) so I turned to for some cheap stuff. Their package of 12 assorted papers - 3 each of 4 designs - was cheaper than buying one specific design. I didn't really care what I got, just needed it blue.

Mom apparently DID care. (For those who may not know, this project is in honor of my mom who passed away Dec. 2, 2011) What a shock when I opened the wallpaper package. BLUE ONION!!!! My mother had a "thing" for blue onion. She had at least 15 place settings of blue onion dinnerware. At one point in her life, all her kitchen accessories were Blue Onion. She even covered her cookbooks and recipe box in Blue Onion contact paper. So - it seems fitting that the bedroom in the Hoarder House will be papered in Blue Onion.

I finished papering and trimming the rooms on the first and second floor. What a chore!! Paper buckled, ripped and got cut poorly. Making this a Hoarder House was a great idea. I can't imagine how I would have papered it otherwise. I even split some of the trim - looks great! Almost like I distressed it on purpose :)

Bathroom papered and trimmed

Blue Onion Bedroom -
notice the unpainted trim under the plastic!

Living Room

Kitchen - with fabulous appliances by "Rita S."

Dining Room

Well, that's it for this week. Maybe I'll be able to sneak in a little work time during the week. Almost ready for the fun stuff - filling the house!!!

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  1. Great house idea. Love it! A good way to use up all that stuff sitting around in boxes. I've been working on a half scale garage and yard sale... Coming soon: Dollhouse Decor & More