Sunday, April 14, 2013

Moving right along: Wallpapering!!

I've really stuck to my timeline....very impressed with myself. My plan was to do something on the Hoarder House EVERY week so that I could publish a new post each week. So far, so good!

My fabulous daughter Caitlin, is home this weekend. She's off visiting friends, so I took the opportunity to wallpaper a few rooms.

The picture below is the second floor hallway. Considering all the doorways and the trim, this was easier than I expected it to be.

The room to the right is papered with a dollhouse-themed paper that Meghan picked out years ago.

This will become the "CRAFT ROOM".

 On to the bathroom:
The paper is really adorable - created by "Itsy Bitsy Mini", it has a cute bath signs border.

Oops! Didn't buy enough paper for the bathroom :(
Like Mom, I don't cope well with delays. I want it done NOW! Solution: Paint the back wall.

New Problem: Don't have yellow paint.
New Solution: Paint the wall an accent color! I chose brown......'cause that's what I had available!! 

Above is a closeup of the bathroom border. How cute is that?
Actually, I think it turned out quite well.

The bathroom was very difficult to paper. The room is quite narrow and it was tough to maneuver the craft knife around the window and door trims. I made a few boo-boos.

Very thankful I don't have to be perfect in this house!!

And next....the kitchen:

 Also from "Itsy Bitsy Mini" is the kitchen paper. I am very impressed with the quality of their papers. Much heavier than typical dollhouse papers and fabulous designs! Below is a closeup of the border design.
This room was also tough to paper. Seriously.  I'll create some cute curtains to hide some of the errors I made around the window trim.

Sneak Peek!!!!

Several years ago I went to Jane Haskell's estate sale. Jane was a talented miniaturist and lived in Connecticut. I attended her estate sale and purchased a number of treasures. One thing I bought was a set of kitchen appliances perfectly suited for a Hoarder House. The pieces are signed "Rita '92".  I don't know who Rita is but I plan to post a message on CAMP to try and find out. (CAMP is the greatest Yahoo group ever!! The group's members are all dollhouse miniaturists. Some are just regular people like me. Others are extremely talented professional artisans. The group is open to anyone with an interest in dollhouse miniatures....and a sense of humor!! If you'd like more info, just email me!)

Anyway...I had no idea what I would do with the set at the time, but I just couldn't leave them there. So glad I didn't!!! Here is a sneak peek at the pieces.

To the left are the stove and refrigerator.
In a later post, you will be able to see the insides. A hoarder's dream!!

Can't wait to find out who "Rita '92" is. She's obviously a very talented lady!

To the right is the kitchen sink. 
You also can see the mess on top of the fridge pretty well in this shot.


Below is a pic of the opened kitchen sink. Rita didn't forget a thing!!
I love the messed up pipes and the red pail.

That's it for this week. I ran out of wallpaper mucilage, so until I get a new jar, I'll be focusing on painting and installing trim.

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