Sunday, April 7, 2013


I had planned to spend the day in my raggedy sweats, doing laundry and wallpapering the Hoarder House. I did finish the laundry.....and I did paint the walls with a base coat. But...then....YAY! My friend, Doreen called and I decided to spend some time with her and went out to lunch.

In my defense, I did accomplish most of what I set out to do. I wasn't going to paint, but I know the wood is extremely dry on the house and I thought it best to put a sloppy base coat on to prevent the wallpaper mucilage from simply seeping into the walls.

I only painted the rooms where I'm going to use light-colored paper. Even though I probably should paint all the walls, I just don't feel like it! Let's pretend I'm testing the glue vs. dry wood theory.

It's definitely going to be a challenge papering around the windows and doors. I've already decided to use drapery to cover up the few wood frames that were put in backwards, preventing me from painting them. Since the plastic is over the window frames raw wood is showing towards the room. I could pull out the windows but I think I'd make a bigger mess trying to fix them. As my mom used to say, "That's what curtains are for." Since it's her "fault" the windows are in backwards it's only fitting to use her solution to a messy house. She would draw her drapes and keep the lights low so as not to see whatever needed cleaning.

Remember...this house is a tribute to my mom anyway! (Not that she WAS a hoarder....oh wait....she kinda was....)

Going through the wallpaper stash

 I found several good choices in my stash. Some, like the dollhouse paper above, were chosen by the girls many years ago. I decided to look in the Hobby Builders Supply catalog just for kicks ( and found some inspiration. I chose a few designs that Mom really would have liked in her own home. I should have those by next week.

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